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Protecting Our Citizens
Pontiac has struggled with high crime for decades but blight elimina­tion, more street lights and faster response times have helped lower Pontiac’s violent crime rate by 38%.
There is still much to do. Creating a safe place for our youth, seniors and neighbors, is an important next step. Recently, the Mayor signed a new contract that adds 2 additional Sher­iff Deputies – Those officers only focus is on community protection. Please remember to report any crime you witness, we can’t sit back and let crime take over our neighborhoods.

Financial Stability and Security
The financial stress that Pontiac was in is now over. During the Mayor’s term we have gone from a deficit budget to a $15 million surplus – This is a landmark achievement! Financial stability allows us to take care of long-delayed needs.

1.) The city can build a rainy day fund so
it never has a state takeover again.

2.) The Mayor was able to negotiate a
way to protect employee healthcare
without added cost to taxpayers.

3.) We can invest in important tools to
help improve city services and repair
our roads and sidewalks.

Bringing New Businesses and Jobs to Pontiac
Pontiac is coming to life with plenty of new businesses and over $840 million in new investment. Pontiac has seen over 50 new businesses come to town and major developments, such as: The Village of Bloomfield, Slows BBQ, DASI Solutions and Sader Power LLC.

Pontiac is positioning itself as a hub for the emerging high-tech industry jobs. MadDog Technology, and other new tech companies, have brought hundreds of new jobs to Pontiac. The Mayor has promoted Pontiac locally and overseas to bring in new, better-paying jobs, that stop our youth and neighbors from leaving our community.

Rebuilding our Neighborhoods
Pontiac’s neighborhoods have always been a top priority for the Mayor. The Mayor launched the Neighborhood Improvement Grant to award up to $25,000 for a neighborhood project. She also Instituted a blight elimination campaign to tear down over 700 homes. This has helped to stabilize our neighborhoods and increase property values.

Fixing Our Roads
Pontiac roads have suffered through lack of investment for the past 20 years. With a stabilized budget we can change that! The Mayors budget adds $3 million more to road construction, with a plan to repair or replace all of our most critical roads. She’s also fighting for more funding from the County and the State.

Restoring Youth Activities
The Mayor is committed to restoring recreation and enrichment activities to Pontiac’s youth. She started her political career helping to save the library and championed the library as a community and informational hub, for the city. A Youth center that is centrally located, with robust activities is her next priority. We’ve already committed $400,00 for Pontiac youth in 2017.